About Us

AirlineCert, LLC is a regulatory compliance company specializing in FAA certification services. Since 1998 AirlineCert, LLC has been providing every level of service to include:

121 Certification

125 Certification

135 Certification

Part 91 LOAs

EASA TCO authorizations

International Operations to include Oceanic and PBN procedures.

RNP Authorization

RVSM Manuals

General Operations Manual / General Maintenance Manual

Minimum Equipment List fully linked and designed for the iPad

CAT II / CAT IIIb Authorization

AMU / Polar Operations per OpSpecs B055

We developed the first of its kind, web-based record keeping system www.LevelFlight.com. LevelFlight is simply compliance distributed with our iPad application LevelFlight-Mobile. LevelFlight provides:

  • Manuals
  • Recordkeeping
  • Dispatching solution
  • Fully integrated SMS solution

We have supported operations of all sizes from 767 to Cirrus SR22. We have the experience and knowledge to offer specific compliance solutions to each operators specifications. 

LevelFlight LogoPlease contact us for further information or any questions.